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Working With a Taiwan Travel Agency in Malaysia

Working with a Taiwan travel agency in Malaysia is a great way to explore the region. It is difficult for westerners to explore Taiwan because of the language barrier and cultural differences associated with the region, but using a Taiwan travel agency in Malaysia can help you overcome this.

The easiest way to get a true flavour of what Taiwan is like is to go on a package tour. You can arrange week-long tours that cover most of the important parts of the area. These tours will include transport, guides, accommodation and at least some of your daily meals. This means you don’t have to worry about planning your itinerary, communicating with hotel staff, booking meals or anything else. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the fun.

A typical tour might take you to some Taiwainese hot springs, show you the Maoling Butterfly, visit the  most important cultural centers and let you see the spectacular natural rock formations in the area. You will get taken from spot to spot and get a quick look at the most exciting parts of the area.

Of course, not everyone likes tours. Some people prefer to stay in one place for longer and to explore at their leisure. A good travel agent can help you with that too. They will find the best hotels for longer stays and will put you in touch with guides, local transport providers and anything else you need to facilitate a fun and successful stay. Exploring Taiwan as an English speaker can seem intimidating at first but after a while you will be navigating Taipei an the Taoyuan County like a pro. Of course, no trip to Taiwan would be complete without stopping for a while to explore the natural formations of the Taroko Gorge. Be sure to take a camera with you so that you can take pictures of the natural granite formations formed by rushing water eating away at the rock over the course of many millennia. There are few other such amazing formations so easily accessible to visitors. 

Package holidays are the most cost-effective way to explore far-flung locations, and they give you the peace of mind that everything – food, transport, drinks and accommodation (at least while you are on the resort) are covered. However if you prefer to build your own holiday to go for the most luxurious experience, or you want a more bare-bones backpacking experience, then you can do that to. The choice truly is yours.

There are many reasons to hire a Taiwan travel agency in Malaysia, but these are some of the most important and obvious. If you want to enjoy a holiday of a lifetime then it is well worth paying a visit to Taiwan. The culture, heritage, scenery and food in the region are all some of the best in the world. A week in Taiwan will be a week that you will remember for the rest of your life.


Putting Together A Taiwan Travel Package

It is always wise to plan ahead when you travel, especially if you are going abroad. Even if you utilize a travel service, you still need to attempt to discover what you are getting yourself into.

Some may think that a trip to Taiwan is a trip to the end of the world, but a Taiwan travel package can be put together so you will have a splendid trip, and you will discover the charm and beauty of a city that has a life of its own.

Flight time from San Francisco to Taipei is about 11 and a half hours if you fly nonstop, but most flights will make a stop in Honolulu, and in that case your flight will be about 13 hours or so.

When you arrive, your hotel bed will be awaiting you, as you will need some recovery time. You have taken the time to book one of the newer five star hotels in Taipei, the Mandarin Oriental Taipei, an accommodation that lacks nothing in the way of service or comforts. So far the Taiwan travel package is first class and getting better.

Now you can explore the sights and of course, the food in Taipei. The motto for food in Taiwan is to eat well, and eat often. There are about 20 streets that are dedicated just for snacking. All of the traditional Chinese foods are available, and then some.

Your tour of the treasures of Taipei City, you will want to visit Old Street, or Sanxia. This was originally built as a trade center, and it still is with its traditional shops and many varied goods.

The trip would be a waste of time without spending some time to visit the Yangmingshan National Park with is multi-colored floral gardens and meadows that stretch beyond your ability to see. While there you will want to take a soak in the Yangmingshan well noted and famous sulphur hot springs.

Take a day and spend it along the rocky shores and famous sandy beaches of the Northeast coastline of Taiwan. The seascape view is spectacular and for those who love the outdoors it is a perfect venue for photography. While in the area, it will be a good time to visit the town of Pingxi, to take part in the famous Lantern festival that is named after the town.

The endless ocean views of Hualien County include the great Taroko Gorge, a huge canyon that is 19km long and is famous for its clear water and swimming areas.

There are many tours all throughout Taiwan that are available when you put your Taiwan travel package together, such as the Ultimate 5 Days Tour which takes you to some of the most symbolic attractions such as the Fengchia night market, the  Flying Cow Ranch, and Sun Moon Lake.

Southern Taiwan is the former cultural region of the region, and it is full of unique temples some of the most amazing cultural customs.

Take your time while on your trip, and be sure to spend some of your time doing nothing, except getting to know some of the wonderful people, and you will be just a little bit better off.